• What You Should Do on a Dating Site After Your Profile is Created
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    What You Should Do on a Dating Site After Your Profile is Created

    You have finally decided to sign up for an online dating site, so now what do you do?  Do you sit around and wait for people to contact you or do you just browse through the profiles?  Let’s go over what you should do on a dating site after your profile is created.

    Making Connections

    Online dating is pretty easy, you can make new friends, arrange a hookup or find your soul mate.  It doesn’t matter which site you register with it is not going to do the work for you.  While online dating is convenient, you still have to put in the work just like you do in the real world.  The only difference between regular dating and online dating is the technology that you are using.  You still have to communicate, learn about the other person and let them get to know you.  You are there to make connections. Here are some tips on how to reach out to people on a dating site.

    A Dating Site is a Tool

    You need to remember that the dating site you’re on is just a tool that you can use to find people that share your interests and goals.  You can find people with similar hobbies and interests, some dating sites let you get very specific.  You can search for people that share your taste in music or that are following a similar career path as you.  Use these commonalities as an ice breaker to start up a conversation.  It is an easy way to message someone without any pressure.  Most dating sites give you multiple ways to communicate, you can chat via text or video, there are message boards and chat rooms that are more of a group setting.  All of these tools are there if you just use them.

    Keep Updating Your Profile

    Think of your dating profile as another social media account.  You want to keep adding pictures and things about you that will help you to attract the type of partner you are looking for.  Think of the things you would want to see when you are browsing other profiles.  Use that to create your profile, make it the type of profile that you would like to see.

    Online dating is not that different from offline dating, not everyone that you meet is going to be “the one” but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make good connections and friends along the way.  Have fun with it but don’t take it too seriously.

  • Putting Together the Perfect Dating Profile
    Online Dating

    Putting Together the Perfect Dating Profile

    If you want to make the most of online dating the first thing you need to do is to put together a profile that stands out.  First impressions are everything, you want those that look at your profile to want to learn more about you and make the effort to reach out and contact you.  If you haven’t been getting any hits on your profile then let’s go over putting together the perfect dating profile.

    Who Are You

    Your dating profile should say something about you, more than just your name and age.  You need to tell people about you and what makes you tick, what your interests are and what your best qualities are.  Are you funny or serious?  Do you like to read or go to the theater?  These are just some of the things to include on your profile.

    Are You Real

    One of the biggest complaints of online dating sites are the number of fake profiles that are on there.  There are two reasons for that, the first is the site is trying to make it look like there are more members than there are and the second are because of scammers or frauds.  A real photo that shows your face with no other people, props or anything else.

    Be Kind

    If you have ever viewed profiles on a dating site then you know some of them make the person seem like a bit of a jerk.  You can avoid that, avoid negativity and sarcasm.  If someone messages you politely then be polite back even if it is to say you’re not interested.  Keep your profile positive focusing on the things you like rather than the things you dislike.

    Grammar and Spelling Count

    Check your spelling and read over what you have written, it shows that you pay attention to detail.  A profile that has a ton of misspelled words, glaring grammatical errors making you look like you lack intelligence.

    Be Authentic

    When you are discussing your hobbies and interest list things that you are doing now, you can even include photos showing you doing the things you love.  It shows that you are a real person who is genuine.  A good profile gives potential matches  a clear impression of who you are and it will make it easier to connect with people who share your interest.

    Take the time to fill out your profile completely, think about your responses.  Be yourself and be authentic.